Letters: Lifelong Center is providing healthy minds, healthy bodies

“Seniors who stay physically, socially and intellectually active have several illnesses, retain their faculties,” wrote Patricia Sinclair.

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Returning from a rally in at University of Regina on College Avenue to protest drastic cuts to Lifelong Learning Center classes, what struck me was all the seniors there were upright, standing on their own two feet, no canes, walkers or wheelchairs.

We are a healthy group. That point needs to be highlighted.

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Study after study has proven seniors who stay physically, socially and intellectually active have fewer illnesses and retain their faculties and their strength longer than those who don’t. They also have fewer hospitalizations.

When they do become hospitalized, their stay in hospital is shorter and they have a better outcome. A healthy population of senior citizens is less of a draw on health-care services, and saves everyone money in the long run.

Perhaps this factor was overlooked when deciding to so drastically cut the programming for the learning center.

Patricia Sinclair, Regina

5G cell towers should be more remote

I have a correction to the June 27 letter from Donna Welke.

The cell tower protocol passed by the City of Regina on May 24, calling for a cell tower set back of 150 meters, is in no way adequate for safety.

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We know from multiple cell tower distance studies over the past 20 years that people experience an increased risk of cancer, cognitive problems, radiation sickness and other ailments when they live or work within 500 meters of a cell tower.

Those cell tower distance studies were carried out on 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, which produced much less powerful radiation than 5G cell towers and base stations.

In actuality, we don’t know a safe distance from a 5G cell tower or base station. The safer distance from a 5G tower or base station would certainly be more than 500 meters.

There are already dozens of unsafe cell towers in existence in Regina that are less than 150 meters from people’s homes, schools and businesses, and the cell tower protocol will not be applied retroactively to those towers.

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Jillian MacPherson, Regina

We ignored Trudeau’s warning signs

Our current prime minister stated early in his political career that he intended to turn Canada into a post-nation state. The arrival of our new passports may be displaying that objective.

By removing images related to Canadian history like the image of Vimy Ridge, the Citadel in Quebec City, the Fathers of Confederation and others, he is the beginning to reach his goal.

The result is a diluting of Canada’s history in which Young Canadians are being manipulated away from it and new Canadians rarely have an opportunity to know it.

He stated early in his political career that the country he most admired was communist China. Would that declaration have encouraged or discouraged communist China from targeting Canada for the activities we have come to know?

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He stated early in his political career that the budget “would balance itself.” Canada is now in debt in excess of one trillion dollars. There were many warning signs. Maybe Canadians should take some of the blame for the situation our country is in.

John Dean, White City


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